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    Our services

  • Landscape Architecture

    Where land planning experience meets design creativity.

    Our landscape architects endure to create well thought out, sustainable and award-winning landscape design. We work on a diverse range of award-winning projects all over the country.

    Contemporary landscape design must tackle many pressing global challenges including urbanisation, climate change and habitat loss. What motivates us further is overcoming those challenges in inspiring and creative ways. We aim to deliver livable and attractive places, while allowing biodiversity to thrive and capturing the unique traditional characteristics of an area or habitat.


  • Commercial & Retail Development

    Plan and design for success.

    Attracting, retaining and helping customers to frequent businesses is the name of the game with retail centers. Your outdoor space plays a crucial role in accomplishing this goal. Our commercial and retail landscape architecture, land planning, zoning and entitlements expertise helps commercial and retail developers to realize their vision and maximize their return on investment.

  • Welcoming details

    We take great pride in our ability to attract traffic and ensure above target footfall. We accomplish this by using the welcoming characteristics of the envisioned development and the natural ambiance of the target area to our advantage. Always working with our client partners, we design exquisite site signage with incredible attention to detail.

  • Zoning, permitting and entitlements

    Outstanding creative landscape architecture is nothing without the foresight, expertise and resolve to realize such developments. This includes understanding the complexities around suitability, zoning, permitting and entitlements. KoontzJones Design helps our partners to navigate these waters from the onset of a development and are experts in the public and private sector communications and the legislative process that can make all the difference between a concept and the finished project.

    We have tried and trusted tools at our disposal that integrate with our Master Planning, Programming, and Site Suitability services.